October 1, 2009

Yeah, dude is everywhere now, but he can spit. I mean, he sold 73,000 copies of a mixtape first week. That’s retarded in today’s climate. This song is ill. I love the blackberry line.

“Say What’s Real”


October 1, 2009

I just really like this song.


Camera Obscura

October 1, 2009

If you should ever find yourself scoring an independent film and need a love song or two, look no further than Camera Obscura’s latest, My Maudlin Career. Maybe it’s the slight Scottish tinge to lead singer Tracyanne Campbell’s vocals, but her voice is crazy appealing and the way she sings about relationships and all that jazz is endearing, perhaps overly so, as indie films often are. I feel like all the songs on the new record should accompany a black and white photo album or some shit. But in a good way. If you dig Belle & Sebastian and/or Jenny Lewis, check it.

“French Navy”