Sometime around 3PM yesterday, a friend and I made the decision to throw down a not insubstantial sum to see Band of Horses perform a “special acoustic set” at Carnegie Hall. It may have been the best deal I’ve ever got. To see one of my favorite bands play at the hallowed venue was an experience I won’t soon forget. The band played stripped down versions of songs from both of their studio LPs and several new tracks that sounded fantastic. Ben Bridwell’s vocals soared and filled the voluminous hall, perhaps exemplified on my now-favorite song of the moment: “Monsters.” When Bridwell belted out the last refrain “If I am lost/It’s only for a little while” in successively more passionate wails, I geeked out to the max. Damn I wish I could do it all over again. Look forward to seeing them in town again soon.

Been liking the Handsome Furs album, especially Talking Hotel Arbat Blues. Enjoy.