Enjoi – Bag of Suck

March 31, 2009

bagofsuck2Go buy Bag of Suck by Enjoi. Just do it. Then watch it. Again. And again. And again. Until it makes you never want to ride a board again. That’s how retarded this video is. I have to give props to the dude at Turntable Lab that suggested it to me. Now I’m paying it forward. Check out Louis Barletta’s part below. 3:44 and 4:32 are just dumb. Great use of Rod Stewart too. Next is a clip of extras apparently from the VHS version. Who knew.

Keeping with the obvious tip, one of the more highly anticipated releases of the spring is the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record, It’s Blitz, set for release April 14. A definite departure from their last two releases, the new album finds Nick Zinner’s trademark razor sharp guitar riffs being replaced by pulsing synths. Cool. Really digging “Hysteric.” Listen below:

where-the-wild-things-areLet’s just pretend it hasn’t been over a month since we’ve posted. Okay…done.

By now it’s no secret that the Where The Wild Things Are motion picture is actually for real. The trailer was released a few days ago and has people flipping their collective wig. And it should. It’s fucking rad. Peep it HERE.

Apparently test screenings had audiences up in arms due to the fact that the film was deemed too scary for young children. This had me thinking…what if Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers never intended the film for little kids? The two are wildly popular purveyors of adult content, be it novels, music videos or films and have a strong young adult following. Furthermore, I remember being frightened of the book’s illustrations when I was little…perhaps Maurice Sendak himself had adults in mind when he wrote it. Probably not, but the book still has themes that adults can draw from: maintaining an imagination, overcoming your fears, etc. Either way, I really cannot wait to see how the filmmakers flush out the relatively barebones plot to develop a feature lenth film. I’ll be first in line come October.