hosted a dope gallery of old school skate photos by J. Grant Brittain. A couple highlights below. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest HERE.


Christian Hosoi


Tony Hawk


Pierre Andre

Yankees Rodriguez BaseballLook. I get it. A lot of baseball players take steroids. It’s cheating and it sucks for those that have been true to themselves and the game and resisted the temptation of the juice. But can we please stop talking about A-Rod everyday? I seriously don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m tired of his lame ass excuses and backtracking. I wouldn’t be surprised if word got out that he used after 2003 as well. I won’t care then either. Let’s have regular random testing for every player, and if someone fails, suspend them for a year. Case closed, end of story. Anyone that used is banned from the Hall of Fame. That’s it, sorry. That way we can move on and concentrate on great stories like the one I read on today (and ESPN is probably more guilty than any outlet for putting A-Rod under the microscope).

A high school player in Wisconsin lost his mother to cancer, and after initially indicating that he would sit out his next game, decided on game day that he wanted to play. Since he wasn’t listed on the roster for the game, his team was issued a techincal and the opponent was awarded two free throws, despite attempting to decline the foul. In a moment of pure class, the opposing coach instructed the player who volunteered to take the shots to miss the free throws on purpose–to no resistance from the player. It’s a great story and an example of the type of sportsmanship wholly absent from athletics today. Class begins at the youngest levels and is shortly thereafter abandoned, unfortunately. Check out the story HERE.

Looks like I slept on the new video for “My Girls.” I recommend watching through the end, nutters.

Hurt – Johnny Cash

February 9, 2009

Can’t stop listening to this song. Not feeling down or anything…it’s more about the powerful progression of the song, especially when the piano sets in. Anyway, enjoy the vids.

Great side note, this song is actually written/performed by Trent Reznor and NIN. Apparently, upon seeing the vid for this song, Trent acknowledge Cash’s superior version. I guess you can be the judge.



I Lego New York

February 7, 2009

i-lego-new-yorkMy roommate showed me this link recently…Christoph Niemann’s Abstract City blog on the NY Times website. Apparently Niemann is an accomplished illustrator whose work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly and NY Times Magazine. In his latest entry, he turns Lego pieces into slices of NYC life. ENJOY.

Deathbowl to Downtown

February 7, 2009

I still cannot wait for this to come on DVD. COME ON already.