Some more sampled shit

January 31, 2009

One of my favorite 2Pac songs, if not my favorite of all time, is “Bury Me A G.” The soulful synth loop that provides the song’s backbone was lifted from The Isley Brothers’ jam “For The Love Of You.” More recently, Murs sampled the same track for “Me And This Jawn,” a standout from Murs for President. All are dope:

“For The Love Of You”

“Bury Me A G”

“Me And This Jawn”


Check out this sick Bad Brains silk screen by Obey mastermind Shepard Fairey and old school photographer Glen E Friedman. Too bad I’ll probably never own it since it’s limited edition, like everything seems to be nowadays. Darn it. More info about its release on Fairey’s website: Obey Giant

Some sampled hip hop shit

January 26, 2009

Back in the day when I was completely obsessed with hip hop, I used to make mixtapes combining classic rap tracks with the original soul and funk songs sampled to create them. Below marks the first in what I hope becomes a series of posts dedicated to these tracks. (By the way, a recent return trip to the Sound Library on Orchard St. got me excited about classic hip hop all over again. I just dropped way too much money on sick records).

To start things off, “Nuthin But a G Thang” might have one of the most recognizable samples ever:

Now for the original, Leon Haywood’s “I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You” AWWW Yeaaa…

Dope Movie Posters

January 26, 2009

My cohort Soybomb recently sent me the super cool movie poster for The Deer Hunter which alludes to the seminal Russian roulette scene. This inspired me to do a post I’ve been meaning to put up for a while now to share a few of my favorite movie posters from over the years.

pulp_fiction3Quite possibly my favorite movie poster of all time. No explanation needed.


The truest movie tagline ever imagined.

A highly underrated film, in my opinion. Bill Murray’s face says it all.


A badass poster for a badass film.


This poster makes me uncomfortable for some reason, yet it’s still arresting. Very few posters evoke the mood of the film itself better than this.


So chill.

Summertime Clothes

January 25, 2009

My current favorite off of Merriweather Post Pavilion. It’s going to be so long before we get to wear our summertime clothes.

Schroeder is the man

January 25, 2009

schroederI knew there was a reason that I always thought Schroeder was the coolest dude in the Peanuts gang. Turns out that in the various cartoons in which he makes an appearance, the musical notes that floated above his piano in the strip weren’t just random ink blots. They actually translate to music if read properly, and the tone of the music corresponds to the mood of the strip.

Very cool NY Times piece explains the whole deal HERE.

The Wire “rap” up

January 10, 2009

By now it’s no secret that “The Wire” is/was the best written, most powerful television series to hit cable boxes since forever. I dedicated this past summer to watching the entire series and I can honestly say it was time well spent, something I can say for few, if any, other shows. Each episode was written like a chapter in a book and the brutally honest portrayal of the streets of Baltimore was a breath of fresh air for TV, albeit a violent, sometimes disturbing one.

Needless to say I was stoked when I learned that Mad Skillz, a VA emcee noted for his year end “rap” ups, issued a summary, hip hop style for the series, which is now history. If you consider yourself a fan of the show, or want to get a feel for what it’s all about, check this:

If You Want Me to Stay

January 8, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve posted. I guess all of the hoopla of the holidays has zapped me of creative inspiration. Well that’s going to change. We’re going to get back into the groove, albeit slowly. Here’s a dope song from Sly & the Family Stone to kick off ’09. I first heard it back in the day on Dead Presidents, a film that also piqued my interest in Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. Funky Ass Shit.

“If You Want Me to Stay”

And a live version…