December 26, 2010

Speaking of snow, this was always my favorite scene from the Kill Bill films. The snow makes the courtyard seem so quiet and pure and I find the clunk of the water pump to be oddly satisfying. Then there’s the way the track kicks in right when O-Ren takes a step. And the sharp contrast of the blood on the snow. Gotta hand it to Quentin. He knows some shit about some shit. Matter of fact, this movie was the first I remember seeing and thinking about how impressed I was with the use of colors and lighting. Or maybe I was just high as balls. I don’t remember.

Apologies to whoever reads or have stumbled upon this blog. I’ve totally hit a wall recently with posts, so I decided to start with baby steps. Here goes:

Growing up in the Northeast, I have had the exact same conversation with my dad ending in the same result. Nothing like Calvin and Hobbes on a slow first day of work.