Riding Bikes

May 30, 2008

So I started riding a bike. Not for exercise, not for fun, only to get from point A to point B faster than my feet would take me. Not to sound simple, but it definitely saves me a ton of time on my commutes around the area, and I probably wouldn’t be motivated to move otherwise. Sadly, though, my set of wheels is a girl’s Trek Mountain bike, but it does have a nice pair of Rock Shox.

courtsey to www.sadlerweb.com for kid enjoying bike ridingAnyways, returning to my point of this post. As I was pedaling, I started thinking to myself “What is it about bike riding that makes me feel like a kid?” Because, honestly, when I hop on a road bike, mountain bike, beach cruiser, etc. I instantly transform into the ten year old kid with scrapped knees and dirtied clothes. I remember my little red bike, riding without training wheels for the first time, and going off my first bike ramp. Other people in the streets reciprocate my feeling, because I can definitely see my younger self reflected in their eyes.

So the next time I wake up and think “Damn, I’m getting old,” I’ll hop on a bike and cruise back to childhood.