March 15, 2011

Nothing new, but just wanted to remind you that Earl Sweatshirt was born in 1994. He’s 17. That means he should be reporting for home room and eating a packed lunch someplace. Instead, he’s spitting some of the most menacing shit this side of Gravediggaz. Or at least he was. Sounds like his foul mouth earned him a one way ticket to boarding school or whatever the hell, so for the moment, microphones and little sisters everywhere are safe. Too bad, cause his record is my favorite Odd Future release thus far. I said 1994.


March 8, 2011

I had this plan to post about Odd Future and whether or not it’s weird (I just had to google how to spell ‘weird’) that the most excited I’ve been about hip hop in years is when I listen to those 16-19 year old kids rap about robbing/raping/generally fucking shit up. But that’s gonna require some focus that I don’t have at the moment. So instead, listen to this beautifully atmospheric, melancholy jam from James Blake that’s pretty much the diametric opposite of the hellraising teenagers in OFWGKTA.

On the leeeeeaaaaaaan

September 22, 2009

DJ Screw – Warning (BIG)

DJ Screw – High til I Die (2pac)

Kanye West – Amazing

April 29, 2009

Call Kanye what you will, but dude consistently comes out with dope music videos. The production is usually tight and they’re always very well conceptualized aesthetically. Ego/megalomaniacal tendencies aside, the guy has style and taste. His latest video for “Amazing” is just another example. Directed by Hype Williams, this one is shot on location in Hawaii and depicts some pretty breathtaking landscape. To be honest, I think the song is kind of wack, but the video more than makes up for it. Plus it reminds me of my buddy who recently moved out to Hawaii in perhaps the greatest pseudo-impulse decision ever made. Props Tim. Can you see your house in this one?

radio-raheemNPR’s All Things Considered recently ran an awesome “Eulogy For The Boombox” piece. Read/listen HERE. Whattup Radio Raheem?! Makes me want to re-up my search on eBay that I abandoned a while back. Party on the rooftop.

I recently stumbled upon Blue Sky Black Death, a duo of producers based in San Fran and Seattle. Composed of Kingston and Young God, the pair has produced tracks for the likes of A-Plus, Casual, Del and Pep Love of Hieroglyphics, Wu Tang affiliate Holocaust, Jus Allah, Ras Kass and Jean Grae, one of the most criminally overlooked MCs in hip hop (probably because she’s female and actually writes real shit). I was initially struck by “Away With Me,” featured below, as it really hightlights the soulful and meloncholy production that seems to be Blue Sky Black Death’s forte. To me, this song sounds like driving over a bridge at night, something I always enjoyed. “Strikes” is just an ill song. Both are featured on Jean Grae: The Evil Jeanius, a full length collaboration between Jean and BSBD. Check out BSBD’s myspace HERE.

“Away With Me”