Saytunn Saytunnn Saytunnnn

December 7, 2010

Another Kanye West album that I hate to love. Dude’s music isn’t even really hip hop anymore. It’s just Kanye. And I think I’m ok with that.

A buddy and I were talking the other night about the Doors. How important they were to rock music when they came of age and how polarizing they were to the American public. We discussed the lack of such important artists in today’s music landscape, due in large part (duh) to the world wide internetweb and the ease with which music is shared/consumed, but also to the splicing of genres. Music is shared and sampled so quickly now that it’s become difficult to surprise an audience. Yet Kanye continues to surprise. Not so much with his Twitter antics or public outbursts, but with the consistency of his art. He’s a polarizing figure that makes great records.

At this moment in time, is Kanye the most important artist making pop music? Given his frequent references to MJ, I’m pretty sure Kanye thinks so. Maybe it’s time we listen.

This is my favorite track on the new record. I never thought I’d listen to a Rick Ross verse and think sick. Spinnin’ Teddy Pendergrass vinyl as my j burnsssss….