October 19, 2010

Nostalgia seems to be a popular theme for young artists as of late. Chillwavers Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Memory Tapes and others have berthed a veritable genre of music centered largely on warm, woozy jams meant to invoke sentimental ganders back in time. If you throw on one of their records, you just might be brought back to the days when you used to ride a tricycle around the block wearing a football helmet. Back when Contra on Nintendo meant more to you than life itself. Back when “Dinosaurs” was on TGIF and Ricky Henderson was your favorite baseball player. The good old days. And the music’s damn good too.

But few songs I’ve heard make me reminisce on shit that I haven’t even experienced. Check out “Marathon” by the husband-and-wife duo Tennis. I don’t know about you, but when I close my eyes and listen to this song, I’m transported to a party on the beach at night. There’s a bonfire, but the entire scene is black-and-white, like in an old photograph. And the girls are dancing. Man, that sounds like fun.


New Yeasayer

November 28, 2009

Dudes- the new Yeasayer single is super duper good….and inspirational! Check it out:

“Ambling Alp”

The remix from the almighty Memory Tapes is rad too:

By the way, as I’m posting, I’m watching Nevada play Boise State on that atrocious blue carpet. Can someone please tell them it looks like fucking shit? It looks like wet magic marker and it kinda bums me out.

So there’s this dude in South Jersey named Dayve Hawk making blissed out yet subtle electronic jams under the monikers Memory Cassette, Weird Tapes and Memory Tapes. I’m super into his shit, namely because it calls to mind one of my favorite acts of the moment: Air France (Acephale Records label mates to boot). I was lucky enough to pick up the Memory Cassette EP before it sold out, but dude posts a bunch of MP3s on his blog, so you might be able to find the songs there:

Check out a couple tunes. Try not to geek out to “Bicycle” in your headphones Seriously, just try.

Memory Tapes – “Bicycle”

Memory Cassette – “Sleep on the Roof”

Memory Cassette – “Asleep at a Party”