Check out this live clip of “Black Mags” from the Cool Kids’ set earlier this month at Knitting Factory. Even includes the segue into “Juicy” by B.I.G., which caused people to lose their shit. Should also give you a pretty good idea of just how packed the show was. Video is courtesy of one of our readers who goes by the handle DopeVideo88. Good looks!

I’d equate the Cool Kids set at Knitting Factory this past Saturday to a Slip ‘N Slide. The ride was fast and fun and chilled me out on a hot ass summer night. Moreover, as with that zany vinyl tarp, the show reminded me of the way things were back in the day…when hip hop was about having fun. In a crowded, sweltering club, Mikey Rocks and Chuck English turned a potential disaster into a memorable hip hop show.

During a set lasting about an hour, the Kids churned out songs from the recently released Bake Sale EP including “88,” “Black Mags,” “Gold and a Pager,” and my personal favorite “What It Is,” which got the whole place jumping. In a creative way to keep the crowd fired up, the duo even ran through a quick medley of old-school classics which featured B.I.G.’s “Juicy,” and Wu Tang’s “Ice Cream.” The show never felt rushed, as many rap concerts often do, and in keeping with the party vibe, dudes even invited a girl on stage to flaunt her freestyling chops (she did way better than I ever could).

Overall, I was most impressed with the Cool Kids’ laid back stage presence and demeanor, especially in light of the fact that Knitting Factory was hot as hell, and that they had recently arrived from a show earlier in the day in Philly. The guys genuinely seem like they’re having fun on stage, which can’t be said for many rappers. Maybe the Cool Kids really are just that cool.

And for God’s sake Knitting Factory, turn up the AC. For the hell of it, here’s the video for “Black Mags”: