Do your Tuesdays suck? Probably. I’m guessing you get home from work, change out of your slacks then park it on the couch to dive into a Five Dollar Footlong (chicken and bacon ranch) while watching reruns of Spongebob until your eyes burn. It’s cool though, Tuesday is a pointless day as it is. Let’s see. Monday has to exist to take the brunt of our hatred of the workweek, Wednesday offers a glimpse of hope that life is still worth living, Thursday is pretty much Friday and Friday is pretty much heroin. Where does that leave Tuesday? Worthless…until now.

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Metric – Fantasies

April 7, 2009

metric-fantasiesI’m admittedly late on this train, but I’ve grown to become a fan of Metric, the Canadian indie rock band also loosely affiliated with Broken Social Scene. Their songs are upbeat and polished, yet weave in electronic and new wave elements that keep them interesting and very worthy of repeat listens. The proverbial icing on the cake is Emily Haines’ smooth and sexy vocals.

The band’s new album Fantasies is out tomorrow and I’m definitely into it. So far “Gimme Shelter” is my favorite, and apparently the first single. Cccccheck it out: