DJ Shadow drove the term “trip hop” into the musical lexicon in the mid-90s with his groundbreaking debut Endtroducing…..

To this day, that record sits among my top five ever and at that time provided a stark contrast to the gangsta rap that was dominating the air waves.

Shadow’s ear for eerie soul and cinematic samples combined with a penchant for hard-hitting yet downtempo beats have placed him in a category unto himself. Below is a collection of videos from some of my favorites tracks. The video for “Midnight in a Perfect World” is amazing and the song makes me want to do one of two things: go surfing or cruise on an open road at sunset with the windows down while bumping this track. “Six Days” is another moody song and the video is just as strange. “Organ Donor” needs no introduction.

I finally got my turntables up to the city this weekend. I’m officially inspired.

“Midnight in a Perfect World”

*note: not original vid, but well made.

“Six Days”

“Organ Donor”

McCarren Park Pool

I wrote last week about the wonders of free outdoor live music hosted at Central Park Summerstage and the South Street Seaport. Well, the cool kids over at McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg don’t offer their shows for free, but the music is live and outside. It seems there’s still have a festive little summer planned for us. Here are some highlights from the upcoming schedule:

6/6 M.I.A. w/ Holy Fuck

6/10 Death Cab for Cutie w/ Rogue Wave

6/20 Gogol Bordello

6/26 Devo (!) w/ Dan Deacon and Tom Tom Club (gimme some “Genius of Love”)

7/5 Armin van Buuren

7/17 DJ Shadow with Cut Chemist

7/25 Ween

8/7 The Black Keys w/ Tapes n’ Tapes

8/13 Wilco

Check the full schedule HERE.