The New York Times reported today (incorporating the spooky image to the left) that three prominent scientists reopened the debate about whether or not cell phone use can be linked to cancer. Interviewed on “Larry King Live,” the neurosurgeons noted that they do not hold cell phones to their ear during conversation, opting instead for those obnoxious headsets that blink. I’m fairly confident that these “scientists” are being paid off by AT&T or Motorola in an attempt to scare the American public into buying another useless gadget…but maybe that’s just me. The article also mentions Senator Ted Kennedy’s recent diagnosis of glioma, a type of tumor that has been associated with cell phone use. The article fails to mention that Senator Kennedy is pretty old.

Call me a skeptic, but I feel as though I’m always reading a new story linking cheeseburgers or Cheerios to cancer. I’m of the belief that it’s either in the cards for you or it’s not, so you might as well stop worrying about it and enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Either way, read the full Times article HERE.