The Apple iPhone

March 7, 2008

I wish I could afford an iPhone. My friend has an iPhone, and he’s always showing me how he can check his stocks, go on facebook or take a picture of a cute girls’ ass. Not to mention he can put all of his favorite Nickelback songs on there. All of that stuffed into an ultra sleek, ultra hip stainless steel case. Plus it’s totally cool when he talks to me with his earbuds in; I know he’s listening to me and his music all at once!

If I had an iPhone, I would randomly text message people asking them “What’s up?” just so I can insult them about how slow they type text messages on their cell phones. If I had an iPhone, I would also brag at parties about how much I paid for it. Not only did I pay the price tag of $400, but I also had to cancel my previous wireless plan for $200, and start a new plan with AT&T for $200 more. People would ask me stories about my iPhone, what my favorite bookmarks are, and whether or not I have the new Panic At the Disco album.

If I had $800 to spend, the first thing I would buy would be a brand new iPhone.