New Air France

November 3, 2009

Just in time for cold weather, Air France is back with a breezy electronic track that makes you yearn for the beach. This time it’s a remix of St. Etienne’s “Spring.” Get out the sunblock:

So there’s this dude in South Jersey named Dayve Hawk making blissed out yet subtle electronic jams under the monikers Memory Cassette, Weird Tapes and Memory Tapes. I’m super into his shit, namely because it calls to mind one of my favorite acts of the moment: Air France (Acephale Records label mates to boot). I was lucky enough to pick up the Memory Cassette EP before it sold out, but dude posts a bunch of MP3s on his blog, so you might be able to find the songs there:

Check out a couple tunes. Try not to geek out to “Bicycle” in your headphones Seriously, just try.

Memory Tapes – “Bicycle”

Memory Cassette – “Sleep on the Roof”

Memory Cassette – “Asleep at a Party”

Chill Swedes

July 3, 2008

I’m feeling rather lazy, being that it is the holiday weekend. It’s also hot as balls in our apartment, which is never conducive to creative thinking. In a feeble attempt to cool down our living room, we’ve propped up a box fan in front of the a/c unit to spread the cold air. It’s not really working. MacGyver would be ashamed.

So, to ice down your eyes and ears on this sweltering July evening, I thought I’d share a few chill tunes from Swedish electropop acts Tough Alliance and Air France. The first video is for “First Class Riot,” my favorite song from the Tough Alliance’s most recent release A New Chance. The second is for “Beach Party” by Air France—this video makes me really want to go back on vacation. (Air France was just deemed “Best New Music” by Pitchfork by the way).

Feel the breeze.

“First Class Riot”:

“Beach Party”: