Blank City

April 7, 2011

Saw the premiere of Blank City at IFC tonight. Makes me want to go create shit. Or destroy shit. Or create shit then destroy it.


March 15, 2011

Nothing new, but just wanted to remind you that Earl Sweatshirt was born in 1994. He’s 17. That means he should be reporting for home room and eating a packed lunch someplace. Instead, he’s spitting some of the most menacing shit this side of Gravediggaz. Or at least he was. Sounds like his foul mouth earned him a one way ticket to boarding school or whatever the hell, so for the moment, microphones and little sisters everywhere are safe. Too bad, cause his record is my favorite Odd Future release thus far. I said 1994.

Lykke Li

March 14, 2011

The new Lykke Li record is pretty rad. I get the feeling that each of her releases is the byproduct of intensely emotional output. “Love Out of Lust” is a sultry, personal come on while “I Follow Rivers” feels like a plea that’s borderline threatening. The video doesn’t help. Her look into the camera at the end is just as icy as her surroundings. The dude in the video breaks down like I did when I forgot about daylight savings time until about 4 in the morning on Saturday night.

Love Out of Lust

I Follow Rivers

F. Yes.

March 8, 2011

This song + video makes me not want to grow up. Can’t wait for the new Panda Bear.


March 8, 2011

I had this plan to post about Odd Future and whether or not it’s weird (I just had to google how to spell ‘weird’) that the most excited I’ve been about hip hop in years is when I listen to those 16-19 year old kids rap about robbing/raping/generally fucking shit up. But that’s gonna require some focus that I don’t have at the moment. So instead, listen to this beautifully atmospheric, melancholy jam from James Blake that’s pretty much the diametric opposite of the hellraising teenagers in OFWGKTA.

DJ Shadow’s Shadow

December 26, 2010

If someone is able to explain to me how Flying Lotus produces his records, I’ll give you a dollar. They’re arranged in a way that calls to mind the improvisational nature of jazz, but you get the feeling that each sound is so meticulously placed that if one screw came loose, the whole record would dissolve into chaos. It’s as if DJ Shadow were abducted by aliens, lived on a funkadelic spaceship for a few years, then returned to earth. No surprise that dude has John and Alice Coltrane’s blood pumping through his veins.

Take Computer Face for instance. Shit starts with an off-kilter dubstep beat that congeals into a hypnotic/bionic groove before almost spiraling out of control at the end. It’s like Organ Donor for the new millennium.

MmmHmm is so breezy that I almost forgot about the impending blizzard that’s supposed to turn New York into a snow globe tomorrow. Almost.

Computer Face


Saytunn Saytunnn Saytunnnn

December 7, 2010

Another Kanye West album that I hate to love. Dude’s music isn’t even really hip hop anymore. It’s just Kanye. And I think I’m ok with that.

A buddy and I were talking the other night about the Doors. How important they were to rock music when they came of age and how polarizing they were to the American public. We discussed the lack of such important artists in today’s music landscape, due in large part (duh) to the world wide internetweb and the ease with which music is shared/consumed, but also to the splicing of genres. Music is shared and sampled so quickly now that it’s become difficult to surprise an audience. Yet Kanye continues to surprise. Not so much with his Twitter antics or public outbursts, but with the consistency of his art. He’s a polarizing figure that makes great records.

At this moment in time, is Kanye the most important artist making pop music? Given his frequent references to MJ, I’m pretty sure Kanye thinks so. Maybe it’s time we listen.

This is my favorite track on the new record. I never thought I’d listen to a Rick Ross verse and think sick. Spinnin’ Teddy Pendergrass vinyl as my j burnsssss….