Thanksgiving Day Favorite – Apple Pie a la Mode

November 26, 2009

As a way to give thanks, I’d like to share with you all my favorite dessert of thanksgiving…probably of all time: warm, crumbly apple pie a la mode. Before you read on make sure to enjoy the picture below.

Last week,  a coworker of mine confessed he had never eaten apple pie a la mode (aka with vanilla ice cream). I stared at him blankly and responded “Are you fucking serious?” How can a grown man go through childhood without tasting America’s finest dessert? I know many people will disagree and counter with chocolate chip cookies, walnut brownies, or strawberry cheesecake; but no, you’re all wrong. And here’s why:

  1. Flavors – The ice cream brings a sweet, rich, creamy taste to the dish. The pie crust adds the taste of rich, buttery crust along with sweet cinnamon crumble. The apple pie filling binds the ice cream to the pie with it’s sweetness and tartness.
  2. Texture – The ice cream is smooth, soft, and velvety…literately melting in your mouth. The pie crust creates the flakiness and crunch that perfectly contrasts the ice cream. Finally, the sticky, runny pie filling acts as an apple cinnamon syrup to your apple pie sundae.
  3. Temperature – In order to serve this dessert right, you have to have cold, cold ice cream and warm apple pie. You’ll know you’ve done right because as soon as the ice cream hits the pie, it starts to show slow drips of vanilla running down the sides. The contrast between cold and warm is almost scandalous.

There’s nothing more American than that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Keeping up with the randomness that is this blog, here a great song and vid for the holiday:

Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love

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