Harmony Korine – The Collected Fanzines

December 28, 2008

harmony_korine_collected_fanzinesI’ve never ordered anything from Amazon.com before in my life. There’s no particular reason for my complete lack of patronage, I guess I’m just not much of an online shopper. I also think that the sheer number of options available on Amazon is incredibly overwhelming. Do I want a hat or granola bars? A book or an umbrella? I’m utterly intimidated. However, given that I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas this year, it seems I’ll be forced to overcome my fears sooner than I anticipated.

Thing is, I already know the first thing I’m going to order: The Collected Fanzines by Harmony Korine. Best known for writing the screenplay for Kids while still in his teens, Korine came to embody the DIY mindset in New York in the 90s. An integral part of Aaron Rose’s Alleged Gallery on Ludlow back in the day, Korine combined the skateboarding/punk/hip hop aesthetic into his work, be it film, art or whatever. The Collected Fanzines is just that, a collection of zines that Korine and pal and fellow skater/artist Mark Gonzales put together for the fuck of it. I’m pumped to see what it’s all about, not only because I’m a fan of Korine’s work and the outlook he represents, but also because I wasn’t lucky enough to be around NYC in the 90s when all of these artists were on the come-up. This is creativity for creativity’s sake and it’s inspirational.

If you want to see Dave Letterman at his most uncomfortable (and I’m a fan of Dave) check out a couple of his interviews with Harmony on The Late Show. Great stuff.

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