Rough weekends make it tough to do anything constructive on Sundays. So apologies to anyone looking for the weekly post last night.

This week is dedicated to West Coast’s arguably greatest group: N.W.A. Enjoy.

Straight Outta Compton –

Express Yourself –

If It Ain’t Ruff –

Something Like That –

This dude is cooler than you

November 14, 2008

kite-surfer-whaleI was reading the Post the other day and saw a photo that caught my eye. Apparently David Sheridan, an Australian kite surfer, was cruising along when he noticed what he thought was a shadow beneath him. Turns out it was a whale. Turns out the whale whacked him in the head with his tale. Turns out he coasted away unharmed. Turns out he took the photo himself with a camera mounted on his kite.

The photo is ridiculous. Check out the story HERE.

School of Seven Bells

November 14, 2008

I tried not posting about music. I really did. But this is sooooo dreamy. Keep an ear out for these guys.

Autumn in New York

November 11, 2008

Alright, enough bitching about how cold it’s going to get. Fall in New York is pretty cool. Walked through Central Park last weekend with some friends and the trees looked great. Billie Holiday sings it best.

Little Joy

November 11, 2008

So yea, I like Little Joy. It’s just too damn hard not too. The side project from Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti has just released a record that’s breezy, catchy and increasingly relistenable. The bossa nova and Latin influences that emerge are a natural byproduct of singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, who sings just a tad behind tempo, calling to mind an even lazier Julian Casablancas. I bet this record would sound even better played outside in warm weather, but for now, it’ll have to get me through the rest of the year. A couple highlights below. Their on tour too, peep the myspace.

“The Next Time Around”

“Brand New Start”

Marvin the Martian

November 11, 2008

marvin-the-martianI read somewhere recently that Warner Bros. is currently in the process of developing a film based on Marvin the Martian. Hot damn. Marvin was always my favorite Looney Tunes character when I was little. He was totally different: smart, yet understated and he actually posed a legitimate threat to Bugs with his crazy little rayguns and gadgets. From a stylistic standpoint, I always thought he was the coolest, sporting the Roman warrior gear with big ass bball sneaks. And his dog, K-9 was sweet too. According to IMDB, the film is currently set for a 2011 release date. I’m not ashamed to admit that when it hits the big screen, I’ll likely be one of the few 28 year-olds (shit) in attendance, drawing worried stares from parents and children alike. Apparently, the plot revolves around Marvin’s attempt to destroy Earth during Christmas, only to be thwarted by getting himself wrapped inside a gift box. Brilliant.

To hold you over for the next three years, here’s “Hasty Hare,” one of my favorites:

This week’s shout out goes to East Orange’s Naughty by Nature, one of the more forgotten and underrated groups of all time. They achieved widespread Billboard success with the radio-friendly O.P.P, but did not forget the bitterness and violence of the streets in their songs.

Enjoy the following vids. The last track is the tribute paid by Treach to Tupac.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright –

Feel Me Flow –

Uptown Anthem –

Mourn U Till I Join U –