Blitzen Trapper

November 3, 2008

blitzen-trapperSo there’s another Sub Pop band from the Pacific Northwest people are talking about these days: Portland’s Blitzen Trapper. While their regional and label affiliations might invite comparisons to Sub Pop mates Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses, Blitzen Trapper replaces the soaring harmonies of the former and the indie rock leanings of the latter with 70s inspired classic rock (one song reminds me of fucking Kansas, for better or worse).

“Furr,” the title track from their fourth album, is a beautiful song. I must have listened to it five times today walking to and from work. The album itself is the type that you should listen to before tubing down the James River, or while driving down some back roads in Crozet.

Check out “Furr” HERE. (Some douche disabled the YouTube thingy).

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