The Life & Times of Tim

October 6, 2008

A great show has made its way onto HBO: The Life & Times of Tim. This crudely drawn comedy is set in NYC and follows Tim as he deals with his work, boss, girlfriend, girlfriend’s parents, and an angry unpaid prostitute. The show thrives off of Tim being placed in awkward situations, sometimes from his own doing, but usually because he can’t say no.

We are first introduced to Tim as he has propositioned a prostitute for some friendly backdoor action. Conveniently, Tim’s girlfriend and her parents visit the apartment during this exchange. Again and again Tim ends up in the middle of uncomfortable situations leaving the viewer to squirm or to laugh. Definitley reminds me of an Office-esque, or Superbad type, comedy.

After sitting through 30min of unsatifsying Entourage on Sundays, I am glad there’s a new show to look forward to. Enjoy the clips.

Human Resources –

Prostitute –

Gay Gary –

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