New York Magazine – 40th Anniversary Issue

October 4, 2008

I highly recommend picking up a copy of New York‘s 40th Anniversary issue, if only for the lead piece by long-time contributor Kurt Anderson about the various transformations the city has undergone since ’68. From the socio-economic decline and grittiness of the late ’60s and ’70s (the image to the left is from the ’77 blackout) to the glam of the ’80s to Giuliani’s ’90s to the rise of AIDS and the birth of hip hop, the article takes a candid snapshot of a tumultuous 40 years. Inevitably, Anderson also discusses the now-ubiquitous concept of gentrification, in particular, the metamorphosis of Brooklyn, or as Anderson wittily puts it the borough’s “rebranding as alt-NYC.”

The mag also features a great piece by Jay McInerney about the rise of the Yuppie (all you Patrick Bateman lovers would enjoy) and an article chronicling the genesis of hip hop music in the Bronx.

Do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy, but you can read Kurt Anderson’s piece HERE.


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