I’m a PC

September 28, 2008

After being repeatedly dogged by those ubiquitous—and now pretty annoying—”I’m a Mac” commercials, PC has finally struck back with a left hook (or maybe a soft jab) of its own, launching a campaign of equally annoying ads. The new commercials feature individuals of varying ages, professions and lifestyles telling the camera “I’m a PC” and offering descriptions of their jobs and ways of life, in an effort to disprove the stereotypical glasses and tweed jacket-clad PC user. For example, there’s a woman in a cage sumberged among sharks, a grafitti artist, and even an appearance by Pharrell. To me, the ads are just a lame attempt to earn PC cool points and actually serve to acknowledge the effectiveness of the Mac ads.

See for yourself:

How we’ve gone this long without a post dedicated to De La Soul is beyond me. They remain one of my favorite groups of all time and are without a doubt one of the most influential groups in hip hop music. After catching the attention of Prince Paul in the late 80s, De La exploded on the scene with their critically acclaimed debut Three Feet High and Rising, which featured such seminal classics as “Me Myself and I,” “Eye Know” and “Buddy.” Due to their offbeat style, non-traditional samples and positive message, De La were criticized early on amongst the hip hop community for being hippies. People simply were not ready for the revulotionary sound that De La Soul was producing. The tone of the music darkened somewhat in their subsequent releases, but the positive message remained the same. If it weren’t for De La, there would be no Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Digable Planets or any other backpack rappers for that matter. Respect Due.

“Me Myself and I”

“Eye Know”

“Ego Trippin”