Hotels, Motels, Holiday Eeeeins

September 24, 2008

Walking home tonight, I passed by the Tribeca Grand, which for some reason reminded me that as a kid, I used to love staying in hotels. I think this was due to the fact that most times I was on vacation and didn’t have to worry about homework. But there’s just something about those beds and pillows that’s so inviting. First, the sheets are crisp and white and smell so fresh, even if they’re not. I also love how the pillows seem to swallow your face. Then of course there’s the showers, which usually have fire hose-like water pressure, and towels that could double as blankets. And inevitably you make off with a half-dozen mini shampoo bottles that you’ll never use, a couple pens and a shower cap, just in case. I still love hotels, they’re swell. Here’s a cool song by Serge Gainsbourg that has Hotel in the title. I don’t speak French, but Serge sounds like he enjoys hotels too.

Serge Gainsbourg – L’Hotel Particular

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