September 8, 2008

Aside from skateboarding and walking around the city, I engage in very little physically demanding activity. I don’t belong to a gym because frankly, they creep me out, and I could never afford to join one anyways. I ran quite a bit last summer, but then inertia and laziness zapped any desire to continue. Yet for some reason, perhaps prompted by near cardiac arrest during a skate up to Central Park last weekend, or a few recent late night Big Mac runs, I decided tonight to put one leg in front of the other in rapid succession.

Pretty glad I did. I suppose I’m lucky that we live so close to Battery Park, because it’s a beautiful run at night and there aren’t two million people competing for the same square inch. Looking out over the water really helps put you at ease, and for a moment you almost forget where you are. It’s almost like a mini-vacation, aside from the cramps and soreness. This is a trend I’m going to try to keep alive. For the hell of it, here are a couple sweet music videos that involve running. Flock of Seagulls are scary.

“Runnin” (original version was blocked)

“I Ran”

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