Old School Hip Hop Sundays

September 7, 2008

My roommates and I just finished watching the season premiere of Entourage. It was mediocre at best. What the show lacked in substance it made up for in T and A, a trend I hope the producers aren’t employing to keep viewers on board. Not that I’m complaining…

All digression aside, we slacked on the old school hip hop post last week due to the holiday, but we’re back on track now. This evening a few friends and I went to check out the East Village Radio Festival over at the Seaport. We missed all of the sets that we had wanted to see (High Places, Devin the Dude, Flying Lotus, Crystal Stilts), due to shear laziness, but made it in time to see KRS-ONE, the host of the event, perform. I recognize that KRS is a pillar of the hip hop community, but sometimes his preaching is a bit overbearing. His message often gets lost in the shuffle. Regardless, KRS performed a host of old school classics, including “Step Into A World,” which had people nodding their heads like it was 1995.


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