Free Murs & 9th Wonder

September 3, 2008

Just a few weeks before Murs is set to release his new LP Murs for President, your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and DJ/producer 9th Wonder have released a free album online. Called Sweet Lord, the album features 10 as of yet unheard tracks, and comes as the third installment of the duo’s collaboration following Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition and Murray’s Revenge. 3:16 is one of my favorite hip hop records ever and I love Murs for the tales he tells. I’m downloading the album as I’m typing this, so I haven’t heard it yet, but can’t wait. While you’re waiting, you can listen to Murs tell you why you should buy Murs for President. Basically if you don’t, you’re a thief. I’ll buy that shit on vinyl so long as I get one of those free MP3 cards too. Sheeeit.

Download Sweet Lord HERE.

Oh, and he’s coming to Bowery Ballroom in October. Be there or be L7.

American Apparel

September 3, 2008

By now it’s no secret: American Apparel sells hip, comfortable clothes, but uses very suggestive images of women in their ads to do so, a practice that seems contrary to the company’s claims of being a socially responsible brand. I stumbled upon a Newsweek piece from a while back that discusses this very issue. It even mentions a particularly provocative billboard that used to be at the corner of Houston and Allen and one that we would always comment on walking past. Turns out the reason it came down was because someone had tagged the phrase “Gee, I wonder why women get raped” across the top of it. Jeesh. That’s one way to make a point. Take a look at the Newsweek article HERE, it’s pretty interesting.