New Matt & Kim!

September 2, 2008

Matt and KimYour favorite neighborhood dance punk duo, Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim, have released their first new song in two years and it’s available for free at RCRD LBL. Called “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare,” the track isn’t as raucous as those on their self-titled debut, but it’s catchy as hell and comes complete with what sounds like drum machine kicks and hand claps that will make your neck jerk. An act that seems like they genuinely have a blast every time they perform, Matt and Kim remain one of my favorite live shows and I look forward to seeing the new song in person. (One of my most enduring concert moments is witnessing a kid jump into the crowd from the tallest speaker on the Bowery Ballroom stage during one of their shows- see video below at about 1:30…sorry the sound isn’t synced). Hope the fresh track means there’s a new record in the works…

By the way, scope out RCRD LBL, an online-only label that generates all of its revenue from advertising and licensing. The majors should probably take notes, because this is the formula that will provide the proverbial liferaft for the music industry as a whole. RCRD LBL is always offering sweet free MP3s, so stay up.

Crazy crowd surfer:

Apologies to whoever reads or have stumbled upon this blog. I’ve totally hit a wall recently with posts, so I decided to start with baby steps. Here goes:

Growing up in the Northeast, I have had the exact same conversation with my dad ending in the same result. Nothing like Calvin and Hobbes on a slow first day of work.