So tomorrow’s Friday…

August 22, 2008

Tomorrow’s Friday. This Xbox commercial, probably my favorite commercial of all time, embodies the spirit of Friday’s to a capital T. What makes you feel more like a kid than a massive water balloon fight? I say nothing. AND the soundtrack to the ad is “Teddy Bear’s Picnic,” a song that I loved as a little kid, and for which I even had the record. A subtle detail to notice: the sound effects of the bursting balloons are bullets and explosives. Tricky.

3 Responses to “So tomorrow’s Friday…”

  1. Reggie McFadden Says:

    Water ballons on a Friday? Player, I’m a golldarn grown up. Maybe if those water balloons were filled with Jameson you’d have something. Maybe…

  2. vanillahead Says:

    player, i bet if you knock back a few jamesons you’ll have fun with some water balloons. ha. happy friday.

  3. Reggie McFadden Says:

    Excellent point. Maybe all Jameson-induced disputes should be solved by a water balloon duel. Put down the gun, Billy club or broken Jameson bottle and pick up a water balloon. Less blood and more love (kind of a timely theme what with the DNC next week and all).

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