August 20, 2008

One of the best things about living with roommates is the spontaneous pseudo-intellectual conversations that spring up at the oddest times (typically after 10PM on a work night). Tonight my roommate and I launched into one such conversation that evolved, as most do, out of bitching about work and how we’d rather not go anymore. After complaining for a few minutes, we typically move on to hypothetical situations that would enable us to do something way cooler. Of course these hypotheticals get more and more ridiculous…case in point, one such scenario revolved around what it would take for us to sell magazines out of those little steel huts in the subway every single day for one year with no salary. The verdict: a year of free travel and grad school on the house (we’re such little bitches aren’t we?) There are too many others to recount.

Well, tonight’s conversation focused on why we get stressed out about work at our age when we have such little responsibility? We’re 24 and 25 years old living in the best city in the world, why on earth would we be stressed? My buddy then made a pretty astute judgment. With little responsibility comes a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty is stressful. A lot of the decisions we make at this age could have a potentially lasting impact and we want to make sure we’re making good decisions. Yet with each major decision comes more certainty, and with it, more responsibility. Pretty scary, eh? We’re going to look back a couple years from now and long for days like these. I totally realize that this is a privileged viewpoint and we’re lucky to even think about these things, but shit, let’s all grab a pint, take a deep breath and soak it all in while we can. Damn, that’s so cliche, but fuck it.


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