NYC Melting Pot

August 2, 2008

I guess there’s no hiding where this blog is based out of: modern day Rome, mecca of Capitalism, New York f*cking City. People all over the world flock to NYC, and can be seen while casually walking down the street. That’s why I love this place. No other city, to my knowledge, has such a mish-mash of culture. Obviously, there are pro’s and con’s about such a situation. Between the people, arguments arise faster, prejudices are worn on sleeves, and self-segregation is prevalent. However, interracial relationships, at least to me, is at a high point. Everyday I see whites, blacks, browns, asians all sharing each others company. Maybe there is progress?

Anyways, on a lighter note, being the melting pot that it is, NYC definitely has some of the best food on the East Coast. And what better way to learn about cultures than through food? These segregated communities provide authentic tastes from their respective regions but without the hassle of travel. As of now, my favorite areas are the asian communities. I can get genuine Japanese yakitori and ramen or Malaysian roti canai and curried vegetables or Vietnamese pho and banh mi (see Banh Mi post).

I do need to branch out and will make an extra effort to. It would be a shame to leave modern day Rome unexplored.