Soybomb’s Dislikes – Ticketmaster

June 27, 2008

So I just purchased tickets to the Sigur Ros show (September at United Palace Theater) from Ticketmaster. During my checkout process, I noticed that TIcketmaster slapped on their typical convenience fee which came out to be around $10 each ticket. Fine. Whatever. I’ll deal with their convenience charge since I’ve always wanted to see Sigur Ros in concert, but I do think a $10 fee for $50 tickets is insane.

While looking over the receipt again, I noticed another charge of $3.65 for an “Order Processing Fee.” I immediately began cursing: WTF!!! F*CK YOU, YOU BASTARDS!!! You have an online system, everything is automated, all you do it print my tickets and mail them to me. Is the $10 convenience fee not enough to cover paying someone minimum wage to place my tickets in an envelope and mail them? Why stop there? Might as well charge me for picking up the tickets that I already paid for, oh wait…Ticketmaster already does that. F*CK YOU.

Sorry for the rant. Sad thing is that everyone feels the same way about Ticketmaster, yet we still keep going back. Anyways, enjoy the show if you got tickets.

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