Soybomb’s Dislikes – Black dress shoes w/ jeans

June 13, 2008

I don’t know if it’s just me, but one thing that bothers me to no end is when people wear black dress shoes with jeans. Somewhere along the way, a rule was formulated in my mind where guys should only wear sneakers or brown shoes with jeans (i.e. Clarks Originals or something similar). Being in NYC, I see an abundance of people walking around, especially at night, in such self-described fashion faux pas. I think those types of people also weigh heavily on my prejudice, people who just reek of a trying-too-hard and over-the-top air.

For those unconvinced, please see the displayed example to my left. I can live with the tighter cut of jeans and the crumpled indie-rock look, but the addition of the black dress shoes makes me cringe. I don’t even need to see the rest of the picture to know this guy is probably a douche. A pair of sneakers or canvas shoes would fit these jeans significantly better.

For me, nothing beats a pair of sneakers (probably Nikes) with jeans. Not even NYC will sway my view.


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