The Presets w/ Walter Meego @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

June 5, 2008

While en route to see the Presets at Music Hall of Williamsburg, a buddy of mine casually remarked, “I heard their show last year in New York was like a rave.” Now, that can be an intimidating thing to hear on a Wednesday night. Raves are typically not how I celebrate the middle of the week. I had seen the Presets open for the Rapture in ’06 and when I signed up to go to this show, I envisioned an atmosphere similar to that of Cut Copy’s performance earlier this spring at Studio B (without a doubt one of the most fun shows I’ve ever seen). I went in expecting head-bobbing electronic beats, not sweaty kids with glo sticks. Fortunately, when the Presets took the stage, there was little day-glo to be seen and the Aussie electronic duo filled the air with infectiously dance-worthy music.

Although the Presets proved they can rock a crowd—Brooklyn kids always seem to be particularly appreciative—I felt as though something was missing. The source of my skepticism drew primarily from Julian Hamilton’s vocals, which to me sounded like a strange hybrid of the Killers’ Brandon Flowers and Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. It just didn’t seem to fit with hyperactive electronica. In my opinion, the strongest moments came in the form of buildups and instrumental breakdowns.

I was even more impressed by the shows’ opener, Walter Meego, heavily championed by our pals at We Kure Burns. Their fusion of Chicago house and guitar rock, topped off with eerie vocals by Justin Sconza, reminded me a bit of Ratatat at times (can’t wait to see them in July at Music Hall, by the way). I especially liked “Romantic” and “Keyhole.” I’m definitely going to check out their album Voyager, released this past May.

Walter Meego – Through a Keyhole


2 Responses to “The Presets w/ Walter Meego @ Music Hall of Williamsburg”

  1. wekureburns Says:

    Nice review. Walter Meego has the most over-stimulated knob twiddler I’ve ever seen. They rocked.

  2. johnzamp Says:

    Was in the USA and had tickets to see The Presets for
    their gig at The Music Hall of Williamsburg.
    Also had the pleasure of being next to Julian Hamilton ‘s brother upstairs.(heard the Aussie accent)

    The Presets were fantastic(even though they did’nt
    play my fave song “if i know you”).

    But the suprise on the night was Walter Meego.

    I was in line getting anal probed by security (rude pricks),when suddenly my ears grabbed the chorus verse to “Lost”.
    Live,this song was so powerful and melodic.
    I am their biggest new fan from Australia.

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