The Rusty Knot

May 26, 2008

It’s been a goal of mine to branch out from the same handful of bars I frequent and try out some new digs. With this intrepid spirit, a group of us stopped into The Rusty Knot on Saturday. Located at 11th St. and the West Side Highway, The Rusty Knot was opened earlier this spring by Ken Friedman, of Spotted Pig fame and has all the makings of a hangout for upscale hipsters. While the crowd on Saturday was largely in line with that description, the prices certainly weren’t. My friends and I were giddily crushing $4 Bud cans all night. The menu even boasts pretzel dogs, which we never worked up the courage to try.

Even more than the menu, the best part of the bar is its decor. Seemingly fashioned after a New England dive bar, The Rusty Knot is festooned with 70s-style wood panel walls, neon beer signs, a fish tank and nautical themed knickknacks hung randomly about. I honestly felt like I was in the basement on a 70s sitcom. While the area around the bar was crowded and tough to navigate, the patrons were in good spirits and the bartenders friendly.

When our group finally commandeered some chairs by the fish tank, we were content and could have sat there for hours. But as the thermostat crept near eighty and a creepy John Malkovich look-alike kept circling past, we decided it was time to leave. Regardless, I will definitely make the trip back to The Rusty Knot, and next time might even try the pretzel dog.


One Response to “The Rusty Knot”

  1. soybomb Says:

    I usually drink with a frown, so I don’t know where you’re getting giddy.

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