A couple buddies and I finally made the trip uptown to check out Jeff Koons on the Roof, an installation of sculptures by the renowned artist at the Iris and B. Gerald Center Roof Garden on top of the Met. We couldn’t have chosen a more picturesque spring day and as expected, the views of Central Park and the skyline were awe-inspiring.

Koons’ sculptures themselves were impressive. Each of the three on display (Balloon Dog, Sacred Heart and Coloring Book) is crafted out of stainless steel and coated with cool reflective paint. My favorite of the three was Balloon Dog, an enormous party favor colored tennis ball green. While the play of sunlight and reflection of the surroundings was a nice effect, I thought the scale of the sculptures was dwarfed by the city skyline. The exhibit may have been even more impressive in an atrium of sorts. And if you go, don’t waste your time trying to get a drink, the line is nutty. Overall, I definitely recommend checking out the exhibit, so long as you can get over your guilt for not paying the “suggested” donation.

The sculptures are on display through October 26. More details HERE.

One of my favorite hip hop records of all-time is Mobb Deep’s The Infamous. Released in 1995, the album helped put the East Coast back on the map at a time when Snoop, Dre and Death Row were stealing the spotlight. Showcasing dark, gritty beats and haunting soul samples, The Infamous sounds like it was recorded in a dim project hallway in Queensbridge. The rugged production is punctuated by Havoc and Prodigy’s trademark violent lyrics. To put it bluntly, The Infamous is a classic.

Here are videos for three of my favorites on the record, “Survival of the Fittest,” “Give Up the Goods” and “Shook Ones Pt. 2.”

“Survival of the Fittest”:

“Give Up the Goods”:

“Shook Ones Pt. 2”: