Though definitely one of my favorite venues, Studio B is never an easy place to get to from Manhattan. Last night the trip wasn’t any easier. The always-dependable L wasn’t running from 8th Ave. so I had to hoof it to Union Square and take the train to Bedford Ave. When I finally arrived at the venue around 12:45AM I was greeted by what looked to be more like a fashion show after-party than a concert. People were decked out to the nines and I vaguely recall several sets of suspenders. That was just the scene outside.

Inside, the dance floor was mobbed…T & T manned the decks and worked kids into a frenzy. To fight to get a decent spot to see the stage, I had to navigate through a crowd not unlike the hordes in Times Square…only here everyone was drunk and dancing. At this point I thought I may have been better off at home on the couch with a forty. Being a disco show, I knew weirdness would be on the menu and I got a helping when the DJs were replaced by a transvestite MC who introduced the band. After he/she had worn out his/her welcome, the lights dimmed to reveal two kids, one perched on each side of the stage, decked out in all white dancing to intro music. The kid on my side looked like a disco Robocop with a bleached blond high top fade. His dance appeared to be a spazzed-out combination of Tai Chi and the Egyptian.

At last, Hercules and Love Affair took the stage as an eight pieceā€”a two-man horn section, two guys on keys/synth including frontman Andrew Butler, dude on bass, dude on drums and two female (?) singers. No appearance by Antony.

In my opinion, the first couple of songs they played lacked a little punch, but the band soon found its groove with tracks like “You Belong,” “Athene” and “Blind.” Overall, I thought their sound translated well to the live medium and I was particularly impressed given the fact this was their first live performance. It’s definitely fun music and very hard not to move to. I would definitely go see Hercules and Love Affair again, and next time will bring a big group with me. Unfortunately, it might be a while as they’ll be abroad through July. Check out their full touring schedule on their myspace.

Break out the polyester suits and roller skates cause disco is back. Here’s a nice clip someone posted of the performance of “Blind” from last night:

It’s a lazy Sunday so check out some old school g-funk videos and chill…to the next episode.

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop – Nuthin’ But A G Thang:

Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day:

Warren G – This DJ:

For sneakerheads, this spring and summer season looks to pack your closets and lighten your wallets. Jordan Brand is releasing two iconic sneakers deemed “grail” worthy by all aficionados: the Jordan IV Black/Cements and the Jordan VI Carmines. Of course, JB is cashing in on the fact that both these sneakers will be so hotly sought after that price will be an afterthought. JB deliberately packaged these kicks in separate Jordan Countdown Packs, the IVs with 19s and the VIs with 17s. With an inflated price tag of over $300, people will still be lining up days in advance. Let’s be honest, no one’s buying these Countdown Packs for the throw-ins, and I can already picture an abundance of 17s and 19s on ebay.

Anyways, getting back to the topic of this post: the IVs and the VIs. When first introduced in 1989, the IVs were welcomed with lukewarm praise, and skeptics viewed it as tacky and cheap. Oops. The IVs quickly gained popularity among the public, and were even showcased in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. Two years later, the VIs were released and coincidentally Jordan won his first title…adding to the legend and mystique of the sneaker. The VIs were also secretly worn by Batman in Batman Returns, and we all know Batman kicks ass in style (minus Michael Keaton).

With both the IVs and the VIs, I share the sentiment of the masses. These sneakers were definitely ahead of their time and play to the nostalgia of sneakerheads. I commend JB for re-releasing these two colorways and hope they keep it up but just not in Countdown Packs. If only JB retros the IIIs…