Radiohead’s Nissan Pavilion Debacle

May 16, 2008

A number of my good friends that live in D.C. and VA braved torrential downpours and monsoon-like conditions to witness Radiohead in all their melancholy glory at Nissan Pavilion last weekend. Per their reports, the show itself lived up to expectations despite the atrocious weather. At least they were lucky enough to see the concert.

As Pitchfork reports, it turns out that a sizable number of fans weren’t even able to access the venue, let alone catch a glimpse of Sir Yorke. Apparently, the logistical mess that was Nissan Pavilion’s perimeter had folks circling for hours as though they were an aircraft without a runway.

To reconcile with those who missed out, concert promotion behemoth Live Nation, which runs Nissan Pavilion, is offering tickets to either the upcoming Nissan concert of their choice, or passes to Radiohead’s show in Camden, NJ in August. Those people better be Jimmy Buffett fans, cause that’s the best they’re gonna get unless they feel like hauling their asses to Jersey.

It’s just hard to believe that Live Nation would leave people ‘high and dry’……sorry I had to. Check out Pitchfork’s full report HERE.


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