Sony MDR V6 Headphones

May 14, 2008

Last year, I made my best purchase ever: The Sony MDR V6 headphones. I bought the headphones mainly based on recommendation, from my co-conspirator vanillahead and from online reviews. I was in the market for a new pair and couldn’t ignore reviews like “Crazy good!”, “Best ever!”, and my personal favorite “If God wanted headphones, he would buy these!” So I dropped $75, plus shipping, and anxiously awaited their arrival.

A week later, the headphones arrived subtlety packaged in a gold box, lined with red velvet. I knew already that these would not disappoint. When I plugged them into my ipod, I was treated to rich, deep bass on hip hop songs and crisp, clean lyrics on my indie rock songs. In addition, the over-ear style locks out sound much like noise canceling headphones but a quarter the price. The range frequency of 5hz-30khz is also absurd; you’re pretty much able to hear everything and definitely distortion from poorly recorded mp3s.

Not to say these headphones don’t have their negatives. The long cord is excellent for the studio, but it makes walking around NYC difficult since it almost drags on the floor and gets randomly caught on doors. The headphones themselves are rather large, I equate wearing them to wearing soup cans on my ears. And my ears tend to get sweaty wearing them walking around the city. I’m mainly being picky, because I would say for any music fan looking to enhance his or her music experience, without paying top dollar, these headphones are the way to go.

eat it BOSE!


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