Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

May 1, 2008

Many of the art galleries in Chelsea can be intimidating. Some make you feel out of place if you’re not stroking your chin saying weird things like “delightful,” while others make it unclear whether an item is “art” or a piece of furniture. My favorite gallery, and one where the things on the wall are definitely art, is Jonathan LeVine on West 20th.

Curated by its namesake, the Jonathan LeVine gallery moved to NYC in 2005 from Philadelphia, where it had been known as Tin Man Alley Gallery. Carrying on its reputation in Philly for being an epicenter of underground and urban art, Jonathan LeVine showcases work by both new and established artists in the realms of graffiti, pop and street art. Thus far, I’ve seen “E Pluribus Venom,” an exhibition by Shepard Fairey (see photo), founder of the now-ubiquitous Obey entity, and “The Streets of Europe,” which highlighted work by Blek Le Rat, Blu, D*Face and others. Jonathan LeVine has also hosted exhibitions by the likes of David Choe, Jeff Soto, Doze Green and Dalek, all of which I regrettably missed out on.

If you find yourself with nothing to do on a Saturday, roll on over to Jonathan LeVine. The vibe is chill and the staff knowledgeable and friendly. Who knows, you might just catch the next Banksy…just don’t expect any wine and cheese…

Peep the website


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