I’ve realized that visiting high end watch stores is more like dating than shopping. First of all, you need to plan when and where you will visit such mentioned store, then shower/brush/rinse/shave, and dress appropriately. I would say that anything less than gelled hair, groomed facial hair, and clean pressed shirt/pants will set off “Timex owner” alarms as you enter the store. I haven’t confirmed the existence of such alarm, but the number of cold stares and curt responses are a good enough warning.

So prior to me knowing the laws of watch browsing, I entered the Bailey’s, Biddle, and Banks in Short Hills, NJ wearing a tshirt, jeans, and sneakers. I definitely could hear the unspoken passive aggressive whispers of “We will have to run a thorough credit check. Maybe this is something more aligned with your budget.” Anyways, as I was walking around the display cases one watch did catch my eye, the Omega Speedmaster Legend Michael Schumacher LE. The red face glared back at me asking to me to try it on. So I did. The watch felt expensively heavy on my wrist but that was no matter. I wanted this watch, with all the dials and crazy numbers. The dealer spent ten minutes describing the chronometer, tachometer, the brushed steel with a satin finish, three stopwatch subdials, and the calendar. I guess with each functionality the price goes up by $500, because the price tag was $4500. Needless to say, I did not purchase this watch, but I would if i could.

The Great Gatsby

April 22, 2008

So much has been written about this novel in the eighty or so years since its initial publication that it seems superfluous that I should even mention it in a blog. The reason I do, is that I read it for the first time last month. That’s right, in my twenty-plus years of schooling, I never read The Great Gatsby. I think I (my parents) deserve a refund.

The reason Fitzgerald’s masterpiece is deemed as such is that it is timeless. The central concepts of decadence, unadulterated materialism and the immorality that often accompanies them have existed and will continue to exist in every generation. In this way, I feel as though I couldn’t have chosen a better time in my life to pick it up.

As a twenty-something living in New York City I completely identify with protagonist Nick Carraway. Like Nick, who lives in a modest shack relative to Gatsby’s palatial residence, I live in a relatively affordable apartment with four friends. Like Nick, I’ve made acquaintances with people who use the word “summer” as a verb, play polo and go for drinks at The Plaza (and who doesn’t know a rich, arrogant douche like Tom Buchanan).

Yet as much as I loathe that lifestyle and despise many of the personalities associated with it, I can’t help but be intrigued and shamefully suppress jealous impulses. I think it is out of this contemptuous curiosity that Nick casually partakes in Gatsby’s lavish parties. Who wouldn’t want to lounge on a beach-front patio in a linen suit sipping Mimosas and listening to jazz? Fitzgerald depicts such scenes so effortlessly that you can almost smell the expensive cigars and feel the cool summer breeze through starch white curtains.

A part of me wishes I could afford to live like that, but it only takes a second to snap back and realize that it’s just not me. So excuse me while I grab a 40, sit on the couch and shoot the shit with my buddies.

Technic SL-1200

April 22, 2008

The Technic SL-1200 is the holy grail of turntables. Since its original release in 1972, the Technic SL-1200 has been the go-to machine for DJs and turntablists worldwide. Known particularly for its durability, the SL-1200’s superior design virtually eliminates wow and flutter, yielding extremely accurate table speed. Higher torque allows for more intricate scratching techniques that just aren’t possible on other turntables.

I first got a pair of Gemini turntables when I was 16 because they were within my budget. I loved them to death, but always coveted the beloved Technics. I’ve still yet to purchase a pair, because at roughly $1000 for a set, they aren’t exactly too kind on the wallet. But with Technics, you get what you pay for. As soon as I can afford them, I’m gonna pick up a real pair of 1’s and 2’s.

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