Pigeon Dunks

April 11, 2008

My typical day starts with me rolling into work late. Not too late but just late enough that my boss and I exchange uneasy stares as I walk past her desk. Within five minutes, my laptop starts up and I’m reading email, chatting, and most importantly checking the sneaker sites. I hit my usual online spots for cool releases, and then the online magazines for upcoming sneaker news.

Anyways, while perusing I’ve come across a pair of infamous sneakers that I want in my collection, the Nike SB Pigeon Dunks. The “infamous” tag for the shoes came during their release in February 2005. Around seventy people waited for days outside a shop in the Lower East Side, hoping to get a pair of these exclusive colorways. When the shop opened only twenty pairs were allowed to be sold, and a mini-riot broke out that ended with NYPD calling taxis to escort the lucky buyers out.

The colorway of the pigeons are definitely head turning, with the two shades of grey complimenting the orange lining and sole. As far as I know, this colorway has not been repeated or mimicked.

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